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Airbrush t-shirt

Mommy/Baby shark

Airbrush hoody

Twin tigers on back of black hoody

Airbrush hoody

Gemini airbrushed on front of black hoody


Acrylic painting over acrylic pour


30x40 Acrylic painting with acrylic pour and crystals


Acrylic painting 36x48


Acrylic painting

Hustle Bar

Acrylic painting with fake money


20x30 acrylic painting


30x40 acrylic painting


30x40 acrylic painting


36x48 acrylic painting

3 Degrees Below

30x40 acrylic painting

Nipsey Hussle

36x48 acrylic painting


36x48 Acrylic painting

Fall and Winter Welcome Boards

Fall and Winter welcome boards with clear hard finish. 48x12 acrylic paint

Phi Beta Sigma Man

Referenced an Iron Man pic and switched colors and hand to represent Phi Beta Sigma 24x36 acrylic painting


Original piece 11x14 acrylic painting

Welcome Signs

48x12 custom wood welcome signs with hard clear coat finish.

Black Panther

Original piece Reference from black panther pic found online 36x48 acrylic painting

Afro Samurai

*Not an original piece* Reference came from picture online 30x40 acrylic painting

Five Nights at Freddy's

Images compiled from references found online Medium : acrylic paint Size : 24x36

Three Little Birds

Bob Marley Medium : acrylic paint Size : 36x48

Let Me Think About It

Not an original piece. Redrawn from a tattoo design Medium : pencil Size : 11x14


The Avengers Medium : acrylic paint Size : 24x36


Reference from GIF with altered colors and added items Medium : acrylic paint

Circle of Life

Medium : acrylic paint Size : 24x36

Welcome to the Dark Side

Gothams finest Medium : acrylic paint Size : 36x48

I Wonder

Medium : color pencil Size : 11x14


Medium : acrylic paint and airbrush Size : 36 x 48

Baby Moana

Medium : airbrush on plain white t-shirt

Study Me

Medium : color pencil

Fall Into Place

Replicated with slight changes to the original piece. Medium : acrylic paint Size : 24x36


Medium : pencil on project board Size : 30x30

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