What's unique?  When I create my music and my art, that's the question I ask myself.  I strive to be different from what's normal and beyond what's expected. Richmond born and raised I started singing as soon as I knew how to form words.  Mixing R&B with pop and hip-hop, music is in my soul and it powers my heart.  While playing around in my friend's studio, I recorded my first song "Anchor," which was a cover to the song "Sail" by Awolnation.  I had no idea that it would be the beginning to creating Wutzunique.  Teejay Johnson, a local artist from Ashland, Virginia asked me to create and sing a chorus to her song "Soul Scars," which later opened up a partnership that was more compatible than any other duo known to the music world.  She has been the inspiration behind being mindful of the content of my music and who pushes me to want to go above the bar.  Thus leading me to release my first album entitled "C'est la Vie." The music industry is changing, as we start to lose focus on lyrical content.  What I want to provide is music that has meaning and that is relate-able.  Throughout alot of my songs you will hear me say I'm boarding my spaceship, taking you on a journey that is out of this world, different from what you're used to, allowing you a chance to see the world through my eyes.


In the mix of my music I try to find time to work on my art.  Specializing in acrylic paintings, detailed pencil drawings, custom air brush art and currently in the process of becoming a tattoo artist.  

I created this site to promote and display my talents on a broader scale, projecting past social media in hopes to reach a larger audience, which in turn will one day allow this to be my platform to something greater.  I hope the world is ready for what I have to offer, because I am finally ready to fully display it.  Welcome to my spaceship. Enjoy :)